Conveniently situated a short stroll from Santa Maria della Novella station, COMPANION Dolce Amaro Bar seamlessly blends traditional Italian charm with cosmopolitan international flair. Our unwavering commitment revolves around the iconic Italian masterpiece – the Negroni. Crafting impeccable Negronis hinges on the artful harmony of bitterness and sweetness.

This nuanced expertise is vividly manifested in our cocktail innovations, artfully marrying the spirited bitterness of Italian vermouths, apéritifs, and amaro with sophisticated fruits, encapsulating our interpretation of dolce vita. Join us for an exquisite journey into the heart of Negroni perfection at COMPANION Dolce Amaro Bar.

Indulge in our drinks menu featuring bitter-sweet classics like the Negroni, the undisputed stars of our offerings. Discover innovative seasonal interpretations that skillfully play with these distinctive flavors. Explore a symphony of taste at our establishment, where timeless favorites and exciting new creations come together to elevate your beverage experience.


You have a passion for good drinks, like to work in a team and enjoy being a host? For our team we are looking for bar enthusiasts with experience and - more importantly - character.